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California, part one: The Ocean is a Magical Place

Posted on: Friday

I'm finally getting around to sorting through our vacation photos, and will be sharing them here over the next few days. (Warning- these posts are photo-heavy!). Looking at these pictures, I can't believe how much Biet has grown in just the handful of weeks since we were in California- she was so much smaller then!

This first set is from our family day at the ocean. My sisters and I packed a picnic, grabbed our hubbies, strapped in the babes, and drove to the beach.  Thank goodness we live in a town where we can get around by subway, because little Biet does not like being strapped in a carseat one bit. I felt like we were torturing her, poor thing. After we parked, we hiked down a hill, through a tunnel, into a clearing, and onto the sand of Crystal Cove, one of the prettiest beaches on the West coast.  We spent the day relaxing,  eating,  & dipping our toes in the water (it was too cold to dive in). Emmy gave her glorious baby bump a bit of sun, Beckett went on the hunt for sea creatures, & everyone took turns pacing the sand with Biet to keep her entertained. This was the day that Biet's tiny feet first touched the Pacific Ocean. It was a peaceful and magical day.


  1. beautiful, beautiful! I love that he has your name tattooed!

  2. I second Bekah's post... But also, what gorgeous photos!!! And what a lovely magical place California truly is. We'll be there in a couple of weeks to visit family for the weekend and I cannot wait to see the Pacific and palm trees.

    p.s. Cedar hates car seats too. Unfortunate for him, he's in one at least a couple times a day.


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