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Christmas Morning

Posted on: Saturday

Biet slept in on her first Christmas morning until - get ready for it - 11 o' clock!  Of course that meant that we all slept in, which was the best Christmas gift we could have asked for from our dear daughter (or so we thought). Although we had planned to be up and out of the house much earlier (baby girl's 8am alarm clock skills had never failed us before!), we decided that since we were already running a bit behind schedule, why not enjoy it?  So before heading out to volunteer and celebrate in the city, we leisurely showered & had coffees & lounged around in our pajamas for a bit.  We snuggled on the bed and I gave Biet her sole gift from her Mama. I thought carefully about my gift to my daughter, and chose to give her, on her first Christmas, a poem. Sarah Kay, a student of our friend Sacha, wrote this beautiful poem. I was enamored and deeply moved when I first heard it, and thrilled when I heard she was turning it into an illustrated book. Appropriately for little Biet, the poem is titled "B." I read it to Biet later that evening, and plan on reading it to her many, many more times.  Just when we thought the morning couldn't get any better, Biet looked up from her seated spot on the bed, turned to Gaby, and said, clear as day, "Papá." I gasped, unsure of what I had just heard. I almost brushed it off as a fluke, until Gaby turned the corner to leave the room and she called after him "Papá, Papá!" He came back and she smiled, looked him in the eye, and calmly thanked him for returning with a cheerful "Papá." She speaks. And, so far, she speaks {her single word} with a perfect spanish accent.  What a Christmas surprise! 


  1. This is, perhaps, the most magical christmas post I have read so far.
    Wonderful. May your new year be as lovely.

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  3. Hey, haha, this kid is so cute, also like your dog :D Christmas morning is so nice one! Keep up writing your awesome sweet stuff, also check out this article Keep it up!


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