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A Winter Portrait

Posted on: Sunday

The other afternoon, our little family of four strolled over to Prospect Park for our annual Holiday Photo. Let me just say that handling a baby, a dog, a tripod, and a self-timer makes for some pretty comical outtakes. We did eventually get some good shots, though, and here are our favorites. Here is our family: Me, Gaby (the love of my life), Nico (the best, most affectionate and charismatic dog in the world), & Biet (my first born, my pearl, my soulful baby girl).


  1. Nico's expressions in the last two photos are pretty funny, haha.

    Very cute pictures.

  2. She always looks so serious (and a bit frightening) in photos, but she usually has a drooly dog smile in real life!

  3. beautiful family portraits. thanks for sharing.

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