About Me

Hello, I am Belle Augusta Savransky. You can call me Belle. I am a writer, photographer, and a passionate true blue New Yorker.

I love taking photos of people and nature. I like to call my work soulful photography where I make the ordinary seem special and magical. I specialize in portraits. I love to capture their true feelings and let them radiate in the photos that I take. That is why sometimes, I let my pictures do all the talking. I do not need to put captions or words. As they say, the picture itself conveys a thousand words. I am also into short filmmaking – no dialogues, just a musical score and visual storytelling of exciting things in life.

I love collaborating with other artists to create something extraordinary. I believe there is so much more to life than the conventional and mundane stuff. And we should bring that out into the world, for everyone to see and enjoy. I think that is the beauty of the arts. We can appreciate the beauty of each moment rather than sit around and let life pass us by. We have that power within us and we should use it to celebrate life every moment of every day.

I draw inspiration from the creations and artistic works of Cindy Sherman, Vivian Maier, Paolo Reversi, Linda McCartney, Jim Jarmusch, and Wong Kar-Wai. I have a background in fine arts and film. My approach in my work in interdisciplinary and holistic.
But above all these things, I am a wife and a mother. Like you, I feel loved, get cranky, raise my voice, and lose my mind. I support breastfeeding and babywearing. We should definitely say no to mom-shaming. Let each family blossom according to their own choices and decisions in life.
Yes, it is a crazy and beautiful existence. But it is truly magical!