Hello, welcome to my page Petite Biet. I hope you find what you are looking for.

Hello, welcome to my page Petite Biet. I hope you find what you are looking for.

Petite Biet is the place where I share my thoughts and works with you. You can read my blogs about my crazy life as a wife and a mother of two. And don’t forget our first baby love, our fur baby Nico who will always be a part of our family.

Come and look at my portfolio of photos and short films. I like capturing photos taken from ordinary occasions but given a special touch to reveal the beauty and magic of every day. I take maternity and family pictures to help women document their journey from nine months and beyond.

Stay tuned for updates regarding our pictorials. We usually schedule mini-session dates all over New York where I can take photos of you, your lovely babies, or the whole family. You can choose any of these beautiful places: Central Park, Soho, Tribeca, West Village, and Dumbo. Let us roam Tribeca along with its beautiful alleys and architecture to get a perfect shot. Or you might prefer the classic atmosphere of the West Village. Dumbo will give us a view of the East River, Jane’s Carousel, and the lovely bridges. Meet me in one of the colorful streets of Soho and I will capture your moments with an urban feel. But if you prefer the sense of nature, I suggest we hit Central Park. There are different sceneries to choose from. We have carefully chosen these spots as background for your pictures. I just love the outdoors and capturing candid and special moments with nature and the environment of New York City as the backdrop. Our mini-sessions take around 30 minutes.  For $250, you will get 10-15 high-resolution pictures, professionally edited, and delivered to you within 10 days. Select the date and time convenient for you. Contact us for bookings.

Petite Biet does not make reviews for products. Whatever I have shared in my blog is my personal opinion and feedback based on our own experiences. However, we do partner with brands and creative individuals for an artistic collaboration. You can take a look at my featured collaborations with Sid NYC, H&M, Louis Vitton, and Osh Kosh. I have made commissioned films and visual shots to convey their messages. Just contact me if you have anything in mind and let’s fuse our creative energies together and make magic happen. Check out my current partners Sakura Bloom, Children’s Museum of the Arts, The Lower Eastside Girls Club of New York, MoMA Kids, and Feather Drum by Chloe.

But I do like to know more about you. Let’s talk and share ideas here on my page. We can discuss love, marriage, family, motherhood, friendship, and all there is to know about life. Incidentally, I also work with other amazing moms in a project we call “Together We Mother”. We write about our journey to motherhood and share them with you.

Life is beautiful. Get around to finally calling A1 Garage Door Service and let’s all have some fun!