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The moment Gaby and I met 11 years ago on a little street in the Lower East Side, we became best friends. We explored and embraced New York City together, reveling in its perfect balance of grit & royalty. Together, we fell more in love with this little town that we call home. Then we fell in love with each other. In the dead of winter in 2008, we married outdoors in an East Village Park. It was quite a romantic affair. But then again, romanticism seems to be part of our everyday life.

We became a family when we brought home Nico, a Brooklyn-born pit bull with an endless supply of energy & unconditional love. She taught us how to be truly selfless. She walked us all over town, down every street, up every avenue, through every alley, and towards every park.  She showed us the heartwarming comfort of genuine loyalty. She grew from a wee 6-week-old puppy to a massive 80 lb drool machine, but she is still our baby.

Then we had a baby. Biet Luna was born in May of 2011, on a rainy Monday evening. She was born at home, in the water, in our tiny tenement apartment. On that day I learned the true meanings of strength & trust.  It was magical. It was surreal.  It was a day that changed us forevermore. When Biet came into this world,  she brought with her a sense of wonder that spread to us all. We, as a family, were over the moon.

Less than two years later, on another Monday (though in the quiet hours of the early morning this time), our son was born.  Lucien Hunter, the cheeriest and most charismatic and  baby I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, was born in our Brooklyn limestone home, and brought with him a new kind of togetherness. His birth empowered me in a way I could have never expected, and with it I became a mother of two.

Now I keep this space where I chronicle the passing of time and the evolution of our family. We spend most of our time making things: food, music, clothes, photos, films, babies. Petite Biet is where we share these things with the world. We are so grateful to be able to raise our children here in New York City- the most magical & absolutely serendipitous, yet still formal & ancestral, city that we've ever known. This is our family: Gaby, Belle, Biet, Nico, and Lucien. Read all about it!

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